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Affordable Business English
Communications Training

Develop Skills for Intercultural Environments and Empower Non-Native English Speaking Teams with Corporate English Training

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Why AbrahamEnglish ?

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Affordable Corporate Training:

We offer cost-effective and customized solutions for corporate clients, fostering effective communication within teams and across borders.

abraham english

Boosted Confidence

Equip employees with the skills to present, negotiate, and lead with confidence in any language environment.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

We work with you until you reach your goals. If you’re not satisfied, we offer you free extra classes until you’re satisfied. Terms and conditions apply.

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Bonus Business English Courses

Get one FREE Business English course per term, in addition to your regular course.

Meet your language Superheroes

Our team of educators bring a rich tapestry of experiences, fostering a learning environment that goes beyond language. Join us as we weave cultural nuances into every lesson, making your educational journey not just about words, but about understanding, connection, and inspiration.

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From fast notifications, seamless scheduling and active engagements

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services does AbrahamEnglish offer?

AbrahamEnglish offers dynamic ESL education with courses tailored for children and business professionals, focusing on interactive, confidence-building, and professional language skills development.

Who can benefit from AbrahamEnglish lessons?

Our lessons are designed for anyone looking to improve their English language skills, from young children to corporate employees seeking professional development.

How are AbrahamEnglish's courses structured?

Our lessons are personalized and interactive, utilizing engaging content and activities to ensure enjoyable and effective learning.

Can I try a lesson before paying?

Yes, potential learners can access a trial lesson to experience our teaching style and course structure before committing.

What makes AbrahamEnglish unique?

 AbrahamEnglish integrates cultural nuances into lessons, fostering a deeper connection and understanding, beyond just language proficiency

What are the qualifications of AbrahamEnglish instructors?

Our instructors are TESOL/TEFL certified professionals with extensive experience in teaching English. They bring a wealth of cultural and linguistic knowledge to enrich the learning experience.

Are there any group discounts available?

Yes, we offer special pricing for groups or corporate clients who enroll multiple learners. Please contact us for more details.

How does the enrollment process work?

Getting Started: To begin, click the “Get Started” button on our homepage to schedule a trial lesson. If you represent a company, please visit our business page to request a demo.


We build confidence and encourage progress.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how Abraham English can empower your business and unlock your team’s global potential.

abraham english
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